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Campsites guide With the ACSI Campsite Guide, you have a complete, up-to-date and reliable overview of +2000 annually-inspected campsites in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal. Handy to help you prepare for your camping holiday, but also for once you're on the road!

For each campsite, you'll find information including all you need to know about amenities, the guide prices, GPS coordinates, and a route description. All these details are checked every year by the ACSI inspectors during their annual campsite inspections.

The guide is very easy to use. You'll easily find your perfect campsite using the simple search function, and the clear country and regional maps. The clear instructions for use clarify all the symbols and icons used for each campsite.

The ACSI Campsite Guide includes CampingCard ACSI, worth €16.95! With this discount card, you can stay overnight during the low season at 3330 campsites all over Europe for just €11, €13, €15, €17 or €19 per night.

The campsite guide in summary:
  • +2000 campsites in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Spain and Portugal.
  • Inspected every year for more than 200 amenities
  • Reliable, objective and up-to-date campsite information
  • Includes CampingCard ACSI worth €16.95
  • Simple search system, with country and regional maps
  • GPS coordinates for accurate route description to your campsite
  • Includes maps with stopover campsites

Order details:
  • Craenen code: ACSISITE.01
  • ISBN: 9789492023568
Campsites guide inside

ASCI CampingCard guide (available in Dutch, French, English, Spanish & German)

CampingCard guide and Card CampingCard ACSI is essential for every true camping enthusiast! This discount card allows low-cost camping in the low season*. You pay one of the five fixed, low rates per night. All participating campsites are in the handy guide which you receive free of charge with the discount card.

A summary of the advantages of CampingCard ACSI:
  • Up to 50% discount in the low season
  • Camp with two adults for € 11, € 13, € 15, € 17 or € 19
  • With only 4 overnight stays** you will have earned back the purchasing price!
  • Children under six years old stay for free at 656 campsites
  • 3,330 participating campsites in 21 European countries
  • Inspected annually by ACSI inspectors
  • You receive the discount directly upon showing your card and settle your bill at the campsite
  • The guide contains GPS coordinates for easy navigation to the campsite
  • Including a miniature atlas with clear maps showing all the campsites

Order détails English version:
  • Craenen code: ACSICARD.20.E
  • ISBN: 9789492023490

* The exact dates differ per campsite. The guide states in which periods each campsite accepts the discount card.
** Based on regular overnight rates in May, June and September.

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