Hiking the Lofoten Islands

Wandern auf den Lofoten

Hiking the Lofoten Islands is a practical guidebook that answers two questions, essential for any hiker: Where should I hike on each of the islands, given the time I have, the weather, and my physical condition? And what itineraries should I follow?

You'll find general information on the islands' geography, climate, geology, animal and plant life, as well as advice on how to prepare for your hikes.

You'll also find 65 hiking topo-pages that include all the information you need - descriptions, maps and photos - to discover and appreciate the trails in the best possible way. The last part of the book describes a trek across the archipelago in 11 days.

Only available in German:
  • Craenen code: LOF.DE
  • ISBN: 9789082664423

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