Mondrian World map

This intriguing world map has been published by Stanley & Livingstone on the occasion of the exhibition about 'DE STIJL' in the Municipality museum in The Hague. This exhibition celebrates the creation of 'De Stijl' 100 years ago. This artist movement had a large influence in art, graphics, architecture and design. One of their main members was Piet Mondriaan. Stanley & Livingstone sought the connection with this movement and found the artist Michael Tompsett to design this beautiful world map. A decorative world map inspired by Mondrian's world-renowned paintings in red, yellow and blue.


Product details:

  • ILLUSTRATOR: Michael Tompsett
  • PUBLISHER: Stanley & Livingstone - The Hague
  • LANGUAGE: geen
  • SIZE: 70 x 50 cm
  • ISBN: 9789075295047

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