Eat Sleep Doodle

Eat Sleep Doodle: unique doodle textile gifts that come with wash-out pens so you can customise and doodle-ise then just wash and repeat - endlessly individual, endlessly creative!

Eat Sleep Doodle products make great gifts for doodlers of all ages - you can even personalise them before giving. Doodle on!

  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • Care: machine wash warm (40°C), dry naturally

Colour & learn world map tablecloth

The world map tablecloth makes for the best – and most educational - fun at mealtimes or parties! 100% cotton, it comes with a set of 10 wash-out markers for endless creativity. The tablecloth can be coloured in while the kids discover all about the places and icons they are colouring – it's perfect for keeping kids busy and happy at the table during family or celebration meals, and a great way of finding out where distant relatives live. Afterwards just pop the tablecloth on a warm machine wash and the ink comes out completely, ready for the next grand tour!

Measuring 130 x 85 cm / 50 x 33 in, it's a handy size which fits smaller tables or acts as kids' zone on part of a bigger table. And it's perfect as a wall hanging, too.

The kids can research more information about the fun facts, animals and features they are colouring, on the Eat Sleep Doodle "World Map resource page".

Perfect for: birthday and family parties, colouring in, fun learning, daydream journeys, geography homework
  • Product size: approx 130 x 85 cm
  • Pack weight: 370 g

Colour & learn world map duvet - single

A round-the-world learning adventure with so much to colour-in and discover!

Kids will love the world map duvet cover, featuring a beautiful, specially commissioned hand-drawn illustration packed full of fun facts, wild animals and exotic sea creatures. They can colour-in using the enclosed pack of wash-out fabric pens (the ink all washes out on a warm machine wash, of course!) as they learn through imaginative and creative play.

Geography homework was never so appealing!

Perfect for: daydream journeys, colouring in, fun learning, bedroom makeovers, geography homework
  • Product size: approx 140 x 200 cm
  • Pack weight: 872 g

The doodle backpack

the doodle backpack
The new doodle drawstring backpack is made from 100% cotton with graph paper/grid design printed on both sides, and comes complete with its own set of 10 double-ended wash-out fabric pens – so it can be doodled on with custom designs or personalised messages and then just washed clean on a warm machine wash, ready to re-doodle and re-design.

Wash on warm machine cycle, hang it up to dry naturally and you're ready to start again.

Perfect for: back to school, PE kit, book bag, birthday gift, trips out, shoe bag
  • Product size: approx 34 x 45 cm
  • Pack weight: 220 g

The doodle pencil case

the doodle pencil case
When is a pencil case not just a pencil case? When you can also use it as a diary, notepad, timetable and sketchbook. And it all washes out, so what better way to encourage your kids to express themselves and get creative? (Tip – works for adults too.)

In cotton canvas with graph paper design on one side and file paper on the other plus a spongy inner to protect your pens and pencils, the doodle pencil case comes complete with a set of 10 double-ended doodle wash-out pens.

Wash on warm, hang it up to dry naturally and you're ready to start again.

Perfect for: weekly calendars, timetables, meetings; contacts, addresses, directions; personalised memos and messages; revision, notes, calculations; creative customising - endlessly; old-school doodling, new skool technology
  • Product size: approx 22 x 14 cm
  • Pack weight: 185 g
the doodle wash-out pen set

The doodle wash-out pen set

Doodle pens are at the heart – and in the pack – of all doodle products. They're double-ended, with one fine tip and one thicker end, and the fabric ink washes out totally. That's totally. Tried and tested.

If you're having a party and want extra pens for legions of doodlers, or if you're a doodling veteran and need top-ups for any doodle products, you can order your extra sets here. Each pack contains 10 double-ended wash-out colour pens.

Perfect for: extra sets for parties or celebration meals, extras for big brainstorm meetings, pens for all of your wedding guests, top-ups for unlimited creativity

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