Caly - Toys

CALY TOYS is a French manufacturer of brilliant, unique inflatable globes, based in Marseille.

1) The 30 cm, 50 cm and 85 cm globes:

The maps of the political globes are permanently updated with countries names and capitals and the colours studied to please the children. Caly – Toys used more than 6 different colours to make the globes when competition uses generally 3 to 4 colours only.
The "Maxi globe" has a 50 cm diameter, the "XXL-globe" has a 85 cm diameter, and is made of strong PVC complying with all the European safety standards.

Caly – Toys has lately developed for the 30 cm a special printing technique to give the globe this amazing "Shiny" effect. The precision of the details is amazing and the brightness of the colours spectacular. The sense of touch is also very pleasant.

These globes with labels are coming with a detailed instruction sheet.

These globes are sold per 6 copies (price per piece in catalogue, please order by multiples of 6).

Political Globes

Maxi Globe (50 cm)
Caly Toys Globes 30-50
30 cm Globe

XXL Globe (85 cm)

Caly Toys Globe 85 Situ Caly Toys Globe 85 Soccle

Animal Globes

Maxi Globe (50 cm)
Caly Toys Animal Globe 50 Caly Toys Animal Globe 30 Caly Toys Animal Globe 30 box
30 cm Globe
This 30cm Animal Globe is available in French, English and Dutch!

2) My Roly Poly Planet (Culbuto move):

This is an inflatable globe dedicated to younger children around 3 years old. Today there’s a serious demand for toys for children younger in age.
This product has a special function, as its name indicates it: ballast at the bottom allows special effect to the ball (self-righting, wobbling, zig-zag ...).

  • All the designs (from a Ravensburger designer) have been thought to adapt to that age: colours linked to continents, this is what they learn at preschool.
  • The Roly Poly effect, too, to develop motricity.
  • The children learn to count up to five and this is why you can find 2 whales, 3 wolves, 4 birds and 5 fishes on the globe...
  • They don't learn to read or write, so no text ...
  • The globe comes in two colours: the 2 colours are just offered to the consumers, there is no colour "obligation" and, on the box, it is the same little boy who is playing with both colours. We have worked with a toy councillor with excellent references, to develop the product who told us that for that age, one of the most important things is to offer two colours as, at that age, this is when kids start to understand the difference between boys and girls and they are very attentive to differentiate each other and offering two colours is important to them. So we don't really refer to gender colour: we offer a concept adapted to preschool years.
  • GIFT BOX: Caly – Toys has made a nice packaging that increases the added value of the product. It’s a nice cubic box (16.5 x 16.5 x 16.5 cm): thanks to this colour box, we want to differentiate the product from the other CALY globes which are more permanent toys than Birthday or Christmas toys as Roly Poly is.
  • My Roly Poly Planet is using the same “shiny” printing technique as with the new 30 cm globe.

These inflatable "ROLY POLY Planet" globes are sold per package (6 pieces) (price per piece in catalogue, please order by multiples of 6).

Culbuto in action

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